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Our uniquely designed buildings surrounded by gardens and greenhouses offer indoor and outdoor space for a wide array of events. Our retail garden shop, boutique, and wine room(s) transform into magical venues and gathering places.

Please Be Advised:

Spring Creek Gardens is now offering a service of reserving spaces to use for special gatherings. Please inquire about fees and our reservation process at or on our webpage.   Any coordinated gatherings of 8 or more may require a reservation fee. 

Gathering Haus

Occupancy: 50 people

Pricing: $300/hour (2 hour minimum)

Private meeting room & bathrooms, access to prep kitchen for catering, coffee bar (additional fee), wine bar & beer taps (additional fee), & music hookups. 

Available evenings only. 

Gathering Haus Patio

Occupancy: 80 people

Pricing: $175/hour (2 hour minimum) 

Covered patio which opens onto a tranquil water feature, green lawn, and Garden Center. Music hookups for live music  Accessible to Food Trucks or catering vendors. 

Available mornings, afternoons, or evenings. 

IMG_2743 (1).jpg

Chandelier Room

Occupancy: 20 people

Pricing: $150/ hour (2 hour minimum) 

An intimate private room with access to our wine bar (additional fee), use of a small prep kitchen, serving bar, couch, and access to an outdoor patio (additional fee). Seating style can be accommodated. 

Available mornings, afternoons, or evenings. 


Chandelier Room Patio

Occupancy: 25 people

Pricing: $100/ hour (2 hour minimum)

Outdoor seating under the beautiful oak trees and gas fire tables.

Available mornings, afternoons, or evenings. 



Occupancy: 8 people

Pricing: $75/hour (2 hour minimum)

A special seat is reserved in the middle of the gardens for you and those you wish to host.

Available mornings, afternoons, or evenings. 


Potting Barn

Occupancy: 50 people

Pricing: $150/hour (2 hour minimum)

Crushed granite flooring, large wrap around buffet area, and separate serving counter all in the heart of Spring Creek. 

Available mornings, afternoons, and evenings.

The Lawn

Occupancy: 60 people

Pricing: $100/hour (2 hour minimum)

The simplicity of the green lawn under globe lighting stands out in the midst of the gardens. A variety of seating options available with the sunset in the background.

Available mornings, afternoons, or evenings. 

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